Offering a 12% Dividend

Double Digit Returns From Our Online Business Portfolio.

Our Series A Preferred Shares yield 12% annually and pay dividends quarterly.


Investment Highlights:

We typically acquire businesses that generate cash flows of 25%, from which we pay Series A preferred shareholders a 12% dividend.

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Why Invest In Onfolio?


We buy and grow online businesses with high margins.

We raise money to accelerate our acquisitions and growth.

We offer investors 12% dividends to accelerate our raising speed.

Dividends are paid out quarterly.

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Growth & Acquisitions

Onfolio acquires and manages a diversified portfolio of online businesses across a broad range of verticals, each with a niche content focus.

Vetting online businesses is second nature for us. We buy businesses that balance consistency, safety, and opportunity for growth, so our expert team can then accelerate what works, and fix what doesn’t. In doing this, we have continued to grow steadily.


With diversified holdings and years of experience, Onfolio is able to remove most of the risk normally associated with online business investing. We focus on acquiring established and profitable businesses we can leverage with our sales and marketing expertise.

We are comfortable paying Series A preferred stockholders from the cash generated from our profitable portfolio.

Leadership Team

Dom Wells
Founder & CEO
Industry thought leader, international speaker, and 7-figure portfolio business owner, Dom has been buying and growing online businesses since 2014. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Mixergy, and countless other publications and podcasts.
Esbe Van Heerden
Esbe is an entrepreneur, problem solver, scientist, and unshakable yeasayer dedicated to helping you grow your investments. She loves systems, efficiency, and finishing things — even building herself right out of her role at her previous company.
Yury Byalik
Head of Strategy & Acquisitions

With over 15 years experience in various industries and verticals, Yury has been helping businesses grow by multiple 7 and 8 figures. He has extensive SEO experience and has a keen eye for profitable acquisitions.

Adam Trainor

Adam Trainor has served as our Chief Operations Officer since February 2022, and prior to that served as the director of a portfolio of our Company from November 2020 to January 2022. 

Jack Hawkins

Jack W. Hawkins, III has served as our Chief Financial Officer since March 2022. He has a Bachelor’s in Economics, an MBA in Finance, and a PhD from the University of Maryland. In addition to his corporate role, he is a professor for Indiana Wesleyan University where he has been teaching graduate-level finance and economics courses since 2016.


We have assembled an advisory board of industry experts, and we are actively growing this board.

Joel Arberman
Strategic Advisor
Joel Arberman has 25+ years of experience as an analyst for two money management firms, and is a partner of an investment banking firm, an entrepreneur, and a management consultant. He has been involved in initial public offerings, direct public offerings, direct listings, and reverse mergers that have enabled entrepreneurs to raise $250+ million in capital, complete $100+ million in acquisitions, and employ 15,000+ people.
Rob te Braake
Fractional CFO & Finance
Rob is a Dutch serial entrepreneur who started his career in the Global Talent Pool of ING Bank. After a short corporate career, he became the co-founder and CFO of a technology and investment company based in Hong Kong. Since 2017, as fractional CFO and owner of Insight Matters — a financial reporting and analysis company — he has been helping digital companies scale, while remaining in full control of the numbers.
Ismael Wrixen
CEO, FE International
Ismael is the Group CEO of FE International, the market leader in the sale of SaaS, ecommerce, and content-based businesses. Over the past decade, Wrixen has overseen 800+ successful acquisitions, totaling more than half a billion dollars in value. Wrixen is also a member of the Forbes Finance Council.
Taylor Pearson
Business Coach & Mutiny Fund GP
Taylor is a principal at Mutiny Fund as well as the author of The End of Jobs. His work has been featured in dozens of media outlets, such as NBC, Inc, and The Financial Times.

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How To Invest in Onfolio


Invest in our Series A Preferred Shares to earn a 12% annual return, with dividends paid quarterly.

If you’re considering an investment of more than $100,000, please email our CEO at dominic[at]onfolio.co to schedule a call.

Dividend Track Record

Dividends Paid
March 31st,
Last Dividend Date
June 30th,
Next Dividend Date

SEC Compliance

To view our SEC filings, including our S-1 with audited financials, click below.

Successful Acquisitions To Date

Below are the details of our most recent successful acquisition.

Deals Curation for Designers and Web Developers

Asking Price: $700,000
EBITDA: $297,000
Our Cash Return on Investment: 42.5%

This business highlights ongoing deals suitable for designers and web developers. Having quality templates, layouts, icons, and fonts on hand is essential for graphic and web designers to work quickly and efficiently, and there is a growing industry to meet this demand.

The business features these bundles whenever such items are offered in deals, and receives a commission in the process. It has a lot of room to grow.

Acquisition Pipeline

Below are the details of four businesses we are currently evaluating and are in the due diligence process.

If we purchase all of these businesses:

  • Total Asking Price: $4,000,000
  • Total EBITDA: $1,029,000
  • Our Cash Return on Investment: 25.7%


Successful Udemy Course

Asking Price: $550,000

A collection of courses sold on both Udemy and a self-hosted website. The top course has been a bestseller on Udemy for over 5 years, and has helped thousands of people with its “career hacking” advice. The course has positive year-over-year growth with 2020 being its strongest year ever.

While a majority of sales come from the Udemy platform, we can grow the business both on and off platform, through additional marketing channels, and by creating new courses.

We believe this method of online learning will continue to grow, and with our expertise and focus, we can accelerate the success of this business post-acquisition.

It is relatively hands off to run, which means we can apply our efforts to growth strategies.


Offshore Entity and Banking Creation Service

Asking Price: $2.5MM
TTM EBITDA: $700,000

A service business helping people with international structuring for offshore companies, banking, and finances.

The world is becoming more global, and businesses and wealthy individuals are looking for quality services in an area that can be confusing: international business law. This brand is well positioned to grow, has a full team in place, and with our expertise will be able to launch new marketing campaigns to accelerate growth.


Online Training for Learning to Write

Asking Price: $950,000
EBITDA: $266,000
Our Cash Return on Investment: 28%

This online business offers monthly membership access to a large library of expert online training. It is for new and aspiring freelancers who want to earn an income through writing (or are searching for a legitimate work-at-home income option) and for career writers who want to increase their professional earning potential.

This business gives people the tools and opportunities to make money online, is already a market leader, and complements our own skills very well.

Frequently asked questions

You may sell all or some of your Preferred Shares after 12 months from the date of purchase, or any time they are registered. In addition, we have the right (but not the obligation) to purchase any outstanding Preferred Shares starting January 1, 2026.
Nothing in business is 100% guaranteed, including this dividend. However, we are confident in our ability to pay 12% Preferred Shares from our current and forecast cash flow.

We have already engaged an accounting firm to prepare financial statements pursuant to GAAP, and have designated an independent accounting firm to complete an audit of our financial statements.

Since we intend to become an SEC reporting issuer, we plan to publish quarterly financial statements and annual audits for all of our stakeholders to review.

You can find all filings and watch for future ones here.

Onfolio Holdings Inc EDGAR Filings

No. Owners of Preferred Shares only receive dividends that are paid.
We will disclose each of the websites and businesses acquired. The financial results of each will be integrated within our accounting statements and provided to stakeholders pursuant to the relevant securities laws.
Payment is made at the end of each quarter, on a pro rata rate depending when you invested during that quarter. The first payout will be on March 31st, 2021.
If there are not sufficient funds available at the time of payment, then they will accrue to the next payment.
The SEC will require us to file audited financial statements within 90 days of the fiscal year end. So we will satisfy that requirement on a future basis and publish it for everyone to see.
We have designated Malone & Bailey to be Onfolio’s auditor. They are a CPA peer-reviewed firm that handles audited financial statements for many dozens of publicly traded companies in the United States.
That’s a long conversation, but here’s the short answer: the company believes that by going public earlier, we can access investment capital at a lower cost than if we were to remain private; equally as important, we would have access to better deal flow. For instance, brokers are more likely to show us higher quality deals before they show other potential buyers of those same deals. Plus, the ability for the company to close would be better and more known because of the transparency and disclosure associated with public companies.
No, it’s an independent, unconnected issue. This 12-month period has to do with the regulation under the SEC, which basically states that shares purchased by accredited investors may not be resold to others for a minimum period of 12 months. So when someone buys a preferred share, they need to hold it for 12 months and not resell it to anybody until after that period. And when the shares are not registered, they can only resell it to somebody who is accredited. When the company has the Preferred Shares publicly traded on an exchange, then those shares could be sold at any time to anybody, whether they are accredited or not.

For the next six months or so, we’ll be looking for businesses that are doing 200k a year profit or more. Then as we grow, we’ll also be looking at bigger businesses — around 500k or a million a year.

There are a lot of reasons behind that, including the fact that these sites are often easier to manage and still have a lot of room for growth. Believe it or not, we’ve seen a lot of businesses that are valued at anywhere from 1 million to 10 million that still have money left on the table.

From a capital markets perspective, there’s a lot of interest in Preferred Shares in the United States — the market is nearly $400 billion. It’s more of a standardized type of security that investors and investment advisors are familiar with, whereas bonds and notes tend to be more for municipalities, governments, and large corporations. So we think the best type of investment is structured as Preferred Shares.
Our portfolio is expected to generate a meaningful spread, and we will continue diversifying our assets. We believe the spread will be sufficient to pay that type of return with a meaningful margin that falls to the bottom line. So in the event that one acquisition doesn’t work out exactly the way we anticipate, the blended average of the portfolio should still be enough to pay the 12% return.
There is no strict cutoff date. This opportunity will close once we’ve raised $25MM.

How To Invest in Onfolio


Invest in our Series A Preferred Shares to earn a 12% annual return, with dividends paid quarterly.

If you’re considering an investment of more than $100,000, please email our CEO at dominic[at]onfolio.co to schedule a call.